The GNS Barbara Bancroft is a proud chapter of The Royal Manticoran Navy - The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association. We are one of the Correspondence chapters, thus portraying a Grayson Space Navy ship.

Our initial members hailed predominantly from Texas, and a great many of our crew resides there still. However, we grew, and are now from all over - our first CO being contracted to work overseas, to Chicago, to Nevada - we've certainly spread out!

We are always working to improve. Not remaining satisfied with being the First Grayson ship of the wall, the High Admirals flag ship, or bearing the name of the very first TRMN chapter ever - we strive to be the best bunch to ever roll coconuts in the whole fleet (Grayson humor there).

So join us, or join the page just to chat with and keep up to date on our antics. We welcome all sorts!

- Captain (SG) Jeremy Carsten, Commanding Officer
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