Duty Posts of the GNS Barbara Bancroft

Command Division

Commanding Officer - CAPT SG Jeremy Carsten

Exceutive Officer = CMDR Larry Widing

Bosun = CPO Steve Sardeson

Administration Department

Admin Officer

Personnel Division Records Division

Division Chief Division Chief

Yeoman Records Custodian

Admin Technician Historian

Admin Technician Admin Technician

Tactical Department

Tact Officer

Operations Division EW Division

Division Chief Division Chief

Tact Specialist EW Specialist - CR3 Dennis Cleric

Tact Technician Tact Technician

Communications Department

Comm Officer

IT Support Division Internal Communications Division

Division Chief CPO John Brandon III

IT Specialist Comms Specialist

Comms Technician Comms Technician

Logistics Department

Logistics Officer

Supply Division TBD Division

Division Chief = PO3 Patrick St. Jean Division Chief

Logistics Specialist

Logistics Technician Logistics Technician

Specialist (Various) - These are actual billets, doing actual work for the division/department they are assigned.

Technician (Various) - These are just crew assigned to a department for organizational and RP purposes. They are not actively tasked with anything.

Non-Billet Crew members


Not yet needed/or for chiefs

If officer applies*

Need Soon

Need Now

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