So you've seen us, maybe met us, or otherwise decided you have to be a part of this fine crew. Good news! Joining up is Easy to do!

You should probably have already contacted the Skipper to express your interest. His info can be found on our Contact page.

Register here on these forums. Be certain to complete all fields so that the very picky EWO (webmaster) does not think you are a horrible spambot.

Next heave over to our Parent organization, The Royal Manitcoran Navy at Hit the Join Us button on the left (or just click HERE to go there now).

Fill out your information and at the bottom select whatever Branch you wish (GNS, RMN, etc) and then the GNS Barbara Bancroft as the chapter.

Remember this is all free, and a very cool and fun Fan club based off our beloved Honorverse by David Weber. As a chapter of, we are part of the Official fan Association and our organization deals directly with 'The Creator' and his people.

Enlist today!

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